You're to die for You're to die for

How do you measure what you’re worth? Social-media? The way you look? The stuff you own? How you feel? Easter is all about how God values us; he gives everything to win our love and bring us home. We see this at the cross of Jesus.

We see it even more clearly 3 days later when Jesus’ tomb is empty and he’s back explaining what happened and how everything can be different for ever, for anyone who turns to him.

At Portswood Church we’ll be celebrating Easter and going deeper into its meaning and we’d love you to join us. Find us opposite Waitrose Car Park on Portswood Road.


MONDAY 26TH MARCH. 3.45-5.45PM

Get inside the Easter story with craft, construction, singing and food for families with children aged 0-11.

30TH MARCH. 7.00-8.00PM

Examining Jesus: Reflecting on the trial and execution of Jesus through words and music

1ST APRIL. 10.00-11.00AM

All-age celebration, ‘Alive with Jesus’. Including baptism

How to find us

You're to die for