"Because He nailed it death holds no fear for me."

"God so loved the world that He gave his only Son, Jesus, to be its saviour. Realising this fact in my teens caused a complete turn-around in my life. I found a Friend in Jesus who would be faithful, who could forgive my sin, who gave me a reason for living; showing me how to invest my life, promising to accompany me all the way.

He cares for me and supplies all my needs (and many of my wants) picking me up when I fall, correcting me when wrong, teaching me to learn from failures. Life is not always easy, but He is with me every step of the way. After 70 years of walking with Him, I look forward to meeting him face to face and living in His Kingdom where there is no tears, no pain, no darkness, no death, no decay.

What a wonderful God! Easter is the celebration of that death and resurrection of Jesus that made it possible for those who believe in Him not to fear death."

Iris has been part of Portswood Church for many years. A nurse-midwife by training she worked for over 50 years as a missionary in Angola and still begins each day, when she can, with a good walk around the Portswood/Highfield area.

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