"Because he nailed it, I don't need to rush through life."

I love adventure and I love people.  In the past I've travelled, lived abroad, been out most nights and been a social butterfly. I love life!

Since I got married and I've had children, life looks very different.  I don't even have a passport! Socializing? Well, that's mainly done in the midst of a storm of children's voices and more often than not their bodies too,  as  the climb over me! It's a far cry from the gentle hum of a coffee shop or a peaceful country pub.

However,  I've been able to enjoy both,  that doesn't mean I didn't have a day before all this when I’d watch Bridget Jones for the hundredth time with a packet of chocs dreaming of  Mr Darcy,  or that I don't feel a bit sad now when friends say they're off for a jolly,  passport at the  ready,  but I’d say I’m happy now and I was happy then.

A very rich man was once asked how much money do you need to earn to have enough?  He answered, just a bit more! If you asked yourself that question might find your self answering the same. It's probably true of all of us,  there is a desire to have more,  like we're missing something. We're not quite satisfied,  or feeling full. 

Jesus said he came that we "might have life and have it to the full".  However he wasn't talking about filling life with stuff,  having your cake and eating it,  rushing about so every min of our life on earth is full of new experiences, but rather a quality of life that begins now and ends in....   well it doesn't end.

That quality of life,  peace,  joy, contentment is found in knowing the one we were created by and for.  He created us to know and be with him.  Sometimes you hear people say finding my partner in life was like coming home.  That's because we weren't just made to be with God,  but also with each other.  When we find this kind of relationship it's a beautiful thing,  but still only  a taster of what coming home to our creator is like. Because of Jesus' death and resurrection,  he  perfectly did everything that was needed to enable us to  come home to God.  He nailed it! We can live life knowing that sense of satisfaction now,  a fullness of  life,  what ever circumstances we find ourselves (even if  we  do  sometimes think the grass looks greener). It starts now and grows better and better into eternity with the one we were made to be with. 

Knowing this has really helped me be content and enjoy where I am in life. I don’t need to rush through life, cramming every activity and experience into my 70 + years! Or embark on random extreme diets to desperately extend my days. No, because of Jesus I can know that the promises of God are true and He has promised a new heaven and a new earth,  so I can leisurely enjoy each experience, without rushing to the next and if I don't get round to seeing the Northern Lights or swimming with dolphins..

Well I’ve got eternity for that!


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