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My name’s Louise and I’m one of the pastors here at Portswood church.

The feeling of Hope has been described as one of the most powerful forces for life. It is Hope that enables human being to endure the darkest of hours without giving up. However, failed hope can be an equally powerful force, leaving us with some of our greatest wounds.

When I was much younger, I hoped I would be marry my secondary school sweetheart, but he left me. On a much more serious note, I hoped my father would recover from Cancer, but he did not.

So, what do we do, cease to hope?

The Russian Novelist,  Fyodor Dostoevsky wrote, ‘to live without hope is to cease to live.’

I know that’s true for me, Hope is what is what gets me out of bed in the morning, hope it what gives me joy, peace and purpose for life. But the hope I have now is different to when I was younger, I’ve discovered a Hope that is certain, that cannot, and will not, fail.

This Hope is found when we invite Jesus to be a part of our lives, and begin to trust in HIS Promises.

Now let’s be careful here, because Jesus doesn’t promise a life free from pain, or difficulties, or grief, but he does promise

His loving presence at all times and this provides me with

·        Peace in my mind, even in time of confusion.

·        Comfort in all circumstances, even in grief

·        Freedom from often crippling guilt or shame

·        And purpose and direction for each new day.  

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