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Are you facing issues or challenges in your life? Do you have questions about where your life might be heading? Do you want to discover more about what it means to know and follow Jesus Christ?

If you'd like someone to chat through these things or someone to pray with you then please Contact us.

Our prayer ministry team is also available to chat and pray at the end of each of our Sunday morning gatherings or take a look at our page on Pastoral care.
Have you got questions about the Christian faith?  Why not join one of our Alpha online courses? 
We look after our physical health by going for walks, cycling, classes or joining a gym but what do we do reguarly for our mental health?  Why not join us on a Kintsugu HOPE well being course and explore ways to look after our mental health together?
Kintsugi HOPE
We love supporting families and parents so why not join us on our next Parenting Course?
Why not try out our CAP job club with regular free 8 week courses?
We also partner with some amazing organisations around the city who can help in lots of situations - take a look.