Serving the Community
As a church community we seek to serve the needs of the local neighbourhood in many different ways. This has been difficult during the last 18 months (although many of the fellowship have been involved in helping those quarantining or isolating in their communities), but here are some examples of the sort of activities we get up to when allowed!
  • Open Door Community every Thursday - a place to stop for a coffee and a chat if you'd just like some company or someone to talk with.
  • English classes for some non-English speakers who would like to learn some basic English language skills.
  • From time to time we host an "International Cafe" for visiting overseas students, providing not only a warm welcome and a friendly face but also an opportunity to learn about some of those puzzling English customs.
  • Breakfast club - (free) hot breakfast for anyone who turns up - especially those who are in great need and a temporary place of safety and refuge.
  • Usually in June we host a Community Fun Day for everyone in the neighbourhood. Why not look out for the next one and come and visit us.
  • We run a friendly babies & toddler group called 'Portswood Pod' every Tuesday morning during term time from 10am - 11am welcoming all families of different shapes, sizes and backgrounds to have fun together for a small cost of £1.50 per family.
  • Messy Church each term usually on a Monday between 3.45-5.45 which includes a meal for all of the family at the end.
Obviously we have not been able to run most of these activities during the pandemic but are excited about what opportunities will present themselves as the country opens up once again!  Watch this space.....
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