Portswood church is led by four teams. Different aspects of leadership are shared across these teams and we have an intentional overlap of leaders serving in multiple teams to maintain cohesion. Come and speak to any of us, especially if you are visiting the church - we'd love to meet you and answer any questions you have about us.

Alternatively, email and your query will be directed to the appropriate person.
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The Elders are responsible for 'watching over' the spiritual life of the Church and pray together regularly for the Church. Their role is to ensure that together we are moving forward in line with our commitment to Bible-truth, our vision and values.


The Ministry leadership team is responsible for working out how to fulfil the Church’s vision. They set the strategy and make plans for the future.


The trustees have legal responsibility for the governance of the Church. They ensure that as a charity we’re legal and above-board and that our policies are clearly set out and followed diligently. They take responsibility for financial matters including hiring staff etc.


The staff team support the whole church as we serve together in God’s mission.