What We Do
Small Groups


Our vision is to be a church that is growing in three ways; up towards God in worship and obedience, towards each other in deeper Christ-centred community, and out into our world in mission.

Small groups play an essential part in realizing this vision and their activities are shaped by our core values. 

Small groups give us a way to work this out and see it happen in and through our lives. House groups are the most common small group in Portswood but there are others like ‘Lava +’ for teenagers, S.A.L.T the student group (meets weekly with Navigators Southamtpon) and others, but they all share this same vision.

We encourage everyone in the Portswood Church community to be part of a small group.

Why small groups?

As a community of Christ’s followers we want to do what he says. He very clearly told his disciples then and now to love one another. So following Jesus cannot be a purely individual matter.

In a small group we get to know around 12 people with whom we learn to live out the life Jesus gives. It’s the place where we can grow as we share our lives with other travellers on the road with Jesus. Learning, praying, and sharing together we begin to find out how we can actually do what the Bible teaches us not just listen to it.

If you'd like to join a small group, please Contact us and we'll be in touch.