Messy church

Because we are very aware that we make many friends at Toddlers, we don’t want that to be just it. So we do Messy church once a half term and that means we can see our families as they grow, as we welcome children and their grown- ups from 0-11. Messy church is usually very Messy. Unlike other Messies we don’t start with a talk you come in and find the craft you wish to do and your grown up can grab a cuppa if needed. There is always playdough, a sticky craft, a food craft, a light trail, and more complicated activities for the older children. Then we tidy away and have a chat and singing whilst our amazing team turn the hall into a place to eat. There is a hot meal for all including grown-ups. 

We usually hold a Messy Church once a term between 3.45pm till 5.45pm on a Monday or Friday at a cost of £1.50 per child (adults are free!).

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