God’s word, the Bible, is the basis of our beliefs. Here we find out what God is like and how we can know him through Jesus. Each Sunday as part of our gathering someone gives a talk from the Bible. This takes us back to the source of our faith and reminds us of the Jesus we follow. As we grapple with how we understand the Bible within its own context and work out how to follow Jesus in our own world we discover the word comes alive to us and God, by His Spirit, speaks into our lives.

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Putting things right

Louise Flooks
21st April 2024
Romans 3:1-31


14th April 2024
Romans 2:1-29

Passion, Power & Pain

Gez Perry
7th April 2024
Romans 1:1-32

The Risen King

Gez Perry
31st March 2024
Luke 24:1-49

Servant King

Louise Flooks
24th March 2024
Mark 10:35-45, Luke 19:28-44

The treasure, the pearl, and the blazing furnace

Chris Pearce
17th March 2024
Matthew 13:44-52

Hidden Truths

Gez Perry
10th March 2024
Matthew 13:24-43

Longing to Hear

Gez Perry
3rd March 2024
Matthew 13:1-23

Greater Wisdom

Gez Perry
25th February 2024
Matthew 12:38-48

By their fruit you will know them

Louise Flooks
18th February 2024
Matthew 12:15-37

Laying down the Law

Gez Perry
11th February 2024
Matthew 12:1-14

Come to me

Louise Flooks
4th February 2024
Matthew 11:25-30

Evidence that demands a verdict

Louise Flooks
28th January 2024
Matthew 11:1-24

Further Warnings for Jesus' Disiciples

Gez Perry
14th January 2024
Matthew 10:24-42

Good News and Bad News

Gez Perry
7th January 2024
Matthew 10:1-23

Go and make disciples

Gez Perry
21st January 2024
Psalm 78

Eat at my table

Louise Flooks
25th December 2023
Luke 2:8-20, 15:1-10

Follow me home

Gez Perry
17th December 2023
John 14:23

Living as exiles

Steve McClure
3rd December 2023
John 1:1-18

Compassion in action

Nigel Cox
26th November 2023
Matthew 9:35-10:1; 14:15-19


Louise Flooks
19th November 2023
Luke 11:1-13


Gez Perry
12th November 2023
John 13:1-7


Gez Perry
22nd October 2023


Gez Perry
15th October 2023


Louise Flooks
8th October 2023
Matthew 6: 19-34

Introduction: Developing a Rule of life . SLOWing

Louise Flooks
1st October 2023
Mark 5:21-36

Global Mission Sunday

John Ayrton
5th November 2023
John 4:3-42

Living out Wisdom

Chris Pearce
24th September 2023
Proverbs 4

Learning from Wisdom

Gez Perry
17th September 2023
Proverbs 3

Looking for Wisdom

Louise Flooks
10th September 2023
Proverbs 2

Listening to Wisdom

Gez Perry
3rd September 2023
Proverbs 1

Psalm 67

Frances Tyson
27th August 2023
Psalm 67

Psalm 73

Biddy Taylor
13th August 2023
Psalm 73

Psalm 1

Louise Flooks
6th August 2023
Psalm 1

Psalm 100

Ian Thomson
30th July 2023
Psalm 100

Psalm 121

Georgia Condell
23rd July 2023
Psalm 121

Family Blessings

Chris Pearce
16th July 2023
Ruth 4:13-22

Redeeming Love

Sim de Roemer
9th July 2023
Ruth 4:1-12

Kindness Confirmed

Gez Perry
2nd July 2023
Ruth 3:1-18

Returning Home

Gez Perry
18th June 2023
Ruth 1:6-22

Mourning in Moab

Louise Flooks
11th June 2023
Ruth 1:1-5

Love & Forgiveness

Gez Perry
4th June 2023
1 Peter 4:8

Tough Love

Gez Perry
21st May 2023
Luke 6:27

The Greatest Love

Louise Flooks
14th May 2023
John 15:13

Misplaced Love

Gez Perry
7th May 2023
1 John 2:15

Practical Love

Louise Flooks
30th April 2023
1 John 3:18

The Greatest Commandment

Biddy Taylor
16th April 2023
Matthew 22: 34-40

(Easter Sunday) Love never fails

Gez Perry
9th April 2023
1 Corinthians 13:8

(Palm Sunday) In the presence of love

Louise Flooks
2nd April 2023
Luke 19:28-44

Jesus heals the blind and the mute

Gez Perry
19th March 2023
Matthew 9:27-34

Jesus raises a dead girl and heals a sick woman

12th March 2023
Matthew 9:18-26

Jesus questioned about fasting

Gez Perry
5th March 2023
Matthew 9:14-17

Jesus forgives and heals a paralysed man

James Ayrton
19th February 2023
Matthew 9:1-8

Jesus restores two demon-possed men

Sim de Roemer
12th February 2023
Matthew 8:28-34

Jesus calms the storm

Gez Perry
5th February 2023
Matthew 8:23-27

The cost of following Jesus

Louise Flooks
29th January 2023
Matthew 8:18-22

The faith of the centurion

Paul Robinson
15th January 2023
Matthew 8:5-13

Jesus heals a man with leprosy

Gez Perry
8th January 2023
Matthew 8:1-4

Stand firm!

Gez Perry
1st January 2023
1 Corinthians 15:1-58

Christmas Day Celebration

Louise Flooks and Gez Perry
25th December 2022
1 John 4:7-21

Carol Service

Louise Flooks
18th December 2022
John 3:16-18

A Great Adventure

Gez Perry
4th December 2022
Titus 2:11-13

Together we grow

Sim de Roemer
27th November 2022
Hebrews 10:19-25

Whoever we are

Hannah Joyce
20th November 2022
Matt 6:5-14

Whatever we do

Andrew Rose
13th November 2022
Colossians 3:15-24

Wherever we are

Andrew Rose
6th November 2022
Genesis 28:10-17

All the difference in the world

Chris Pearce
30th October 2022
1 Peter 1:1-2


Andrew Rose
23rd October 2022
John 15:1-8


Peter Lambros
16th October 2022
John 12:24-26


9th October 2022
John 12:1-11

A Reason for Hope

Gez Perry
2nd October 2022
Lamentations 5:1-22

It is Finished!

Paul Robinson
25th September 2022
Lamentations 4:1-22

Hope in the Pit of Despair

Paul Robinson
18th September 2022
Lamentations 3:1-66

How to lament

Chris Pearce
11th September 2022
Lamentations 2:1-22

When the Unthinkable Happens

Gez Perry
4th September 2022
Lamentations 1:1-22

Thanksgiving and praise

Biddy Taylor
28th August 2022
Psalms 111


Bettina Colllins
21st August 2022
Psalm 91


Ian Thomson
14th August 2022
Psalm 52


Hannah Joyce
7th August 2022
Psalm 63


T. Grandgirard
31st July 2022
Psalm 12

Creation & Life

Georgia Condell
24th July 2022
Psalm 19

A Defining Moment

Paul Robinson
17th July 2022
Esther 8:1-10:3

A Dramatic Reversal

Sim de Roemer
10th July 2022
Esther 6:1-7:10

A Revealing Reaction

Chris Pearce
3rd July 2022
Esther 4:1-5:14

A Costly Decision

Peter Lambros
26th June 2022
Esther 3:1-15

A Hidden Identity

Gez Perry
19th June 2022
Esther 2:1-23

A Different World

Paul Robinson
12th June 2022
Esther 1:1-21

The community of the King

Gez Perry
5th June 2022
2 Thessalonians 3:4-15

The faithfulness of the King

Gez Perry
29th May 2022
2 Thessalonians 3:1-5

The sufficiency of the King

Peter Lambros
22nd May 2022
2 Thessalonians 2:13-17

The sovereignty of the King

Peter Lambros
15th May 2022
2 Thessalonians 2:1-12

The hope of the King

Andrew Rose
1st May 2022
2 Thessalonians 1:1-12

Running with the King

Gez Perry
24th April 2022
Hebrews 12:1; 2 Tim 4:6; Phil 3:12-15

The Victorious King

Andrew Rose
17th April 2022
John 20:1-18

Palm Sunday: The Unexpected King

Louise Flooks
10th April 2022
Zechariah 9:9-12

Just one thing is needed. Managing distractions in a busy world.

Hannah Joyce
3rd April 2022
Luke 10:38-42

Jesus's inclusion of all ...

Rachel Ayrton
20th March 2022
Luke 10:38-42

Changing our perspective

Peter Lambros
27th March 2022
1 John 1:5; 4:14-17

Encounter: Valentines Day special

Louise Flooks
13th February 2022
1 John 4

True or False?

Paul Robinson
13th March 2022
Matthew 7:13-29

Ask, Seek, Knock

Chris Pearce
6th March 2022
Matthew 7:7-12

Engage: Don't Judge?

Peter Lambros
27th February 2022
Matthew 7:1-6

Seeking First

Andrew Rose
20th February 2022
Matthew 6:19-34

Give Out and Give up

Chris Pearce
6th February 2022
Matthew 6:1-18

Forgiveness and revenge

Gez Perry
30th January 2022
Matthew 5:38-48


Louise Flooks
23rd January 2022
Matthew 5:27-37

Law and Order

Peter Lambros
16th January 2022
Matthew 5:17-26


Louise Flooks
9th January 2022
Matthew 5:1-16


Gez Perry
2nd January 2022
Matthew 4:18-25

... fully human in every way

Gez Perry
25th December 2021
Hebrews 1-3a; 2:17

Carol Service: The word became flesh ...

Louise Flooks
19th December 2021
John 1:1-18

Nativity: An adventure

Andrew Rose
12th December 2021

The return of the King

Peter Lambros
5th December 2021
Isaiah 11:1-10

Longing for the King

Peter Lambros
28th November 2021
Isaiah 11:1-10

The least of them?

Olivia White
21st November 2021
Matthew 25:31-46

The body of Christ

Louise Flooks
14th November 2021
Ephesians 4:1-16

A holy temple

Chris Pearce
7th November 2021
Ephesians 2:21

Out of darkness

Louise Flooks
31st October 2021
Ephesians 5:8-14

God's workmanship

Andrew Rose
24th October 2021
Ephesians 2:10

God's possession

Gez Perry
17th October 2021
Ephesians 1:14

Fellow-citizens, members of the household of God

Alice Rose
10th October 2021
Ephesians 2:19

Servants of God

Chris Pearce
3rd October 2021
1 Peter 2:13-17

Chosen people

Peter Lambros
26th September 2021
1 Peter 2:9-10

Living stones

Louise Flooks
19th September 2021
1 Peter 2:4-5

Newborn babies

Andrew Rose
12th September 2021
1 Peter 2:2

Strangers in the world

Gez Perry
5th September 2021
1 Peter 1:1, 17; 2:11

Jesus walks on the water

Henry Wai
29th August 2021
Matthew 14:22-33

Jesus followers who attract others to Jesus

Biddy Taylor
22nd August 2021
1 Thessalonians 2:1-16

Boasting in our weakness

Georgia Condell
15th August 2021
2 Corinthians 12:1-10

Judgement, justice and grace

Ian Thomson
8th August 2021
Luke 19:1-10

Why does God "need" us?

Ian Pitt
25th July 2021
John 15:1-6, 12-17

How then shall we live?

Chris Pearce
18th July 2021
Hebrews 13:1-25

No-one said it would be easy

Paul Robinson
11th July 2021
Hebrews 12:1-29

By faith [insert your name here] did ...

Louise Flooks
4th July 2021
Hebrews 11:1-40

Jesus invites you

Gez Perry
27th June 2021
Hebrews 10:1-39

Jesus frees you

Peter Lambros
20th June 2021
Hebrews 9:1-28

Jesus longs for you

Paul Robinson
13th June 2021
Hebrews 8:1-13

Intimacy with God: Jesus is who we need

Louise Flooks
6th June 2021
Hebrews 7:1-28

Follow others' examples

Sim de Roemer
30th May 2021
Hebrews 6:9-20

Gym clothes are not enough

Peter Lambros
16th May 2021
Hebrews 5:11-6:8

Hold on to grace

Louise Flooks
9th May 2021
Hebrews 4:14-5:10

Keep your heart soft

Gez Perry
2nd May 2021
Hebrews 4:1-13

Encourage one another

Tim Daulby
25th April 2021
Hebrews 3:1-19

Pay attention

Chris Pearce
18th April 2021
Hebrews 2:1-18

Who or what are we following?

Louise Flooks
11th April 2021
Hebrews 1:1-14

He is risen!

Hannah Joyce / Andrew Rose
4th April 2021
Luke 24:1-48

Unleashed church

Peter Lambros
28th March 2021
Acts 7:54-8:1

Testimony and witness

Tim Daulby
21st March 2021
Acts 7:1-53

A pivotal moment

Louise Flooks
14th March 2021
Acts 6:1-15

This is the life

Gez Perry
7th March 2021
Acts 5:17-42

Unleashed presence

Andrew Rose
28th February 2021
Acts 4:32-5:16

Be bold, be strong!

Peter Lambros
21st February 2021
Acts 4:1-31

Unleashed people

Louise Flooks
14th February 2021
Acts 2:42-3:26

Unleashed power

Sim de Roemer
7th February 2021
Acts 2:1-41

Don't do anything yet

Peter Lambros
31st January 2021
Acts 1:1-26

How do we do what God asks of us?

Andrew Rose
24th January 2021
Matthew 4:1-11

Who are we in Christ?

Chris Pearce
17th January 2021
Matthew 3:13-16

What does God require of us?

Louise Flooks
10th January 2021
Matthew 3:1-12

What is following Jesus like?

Gez Perry
3rd January 2021
Matthew 2:13-23

Are you longing for change?

Louise Flooks
25th December 2020
Matthew 2:1-12

How do we know what God is like?

Louise Flooks
20th December 2020
Matthew 1:18-25

The Nativity: Our place in the story

Thom and Laura Diment
13th December 2020
Matthew 1:18-2:12; Luke 1:26-56, 2:1-21

God has a plan and you're included

Peter Lambros
6th December 2020
Matthew 1:1-17

Mission where we are

Louise Flooks
29th November 2020
Revelation 21:3-5a

Mission across the world

Sim de Roemer
22nd November 2020
Psalm 96 96; Philippians 1:3-8, 4:10-20

Loving and Caring

Alice & Andrew Rose
15th November 2020
Mark 10:46-52

Word Alive! (The Bible)

Peter Lambros
8th November 2020
Colossians 3:12-17

God-dependent: Prayer

Louise Flooks
1st November 2020
Acts 12:3-18


John Ayrton
25th October 2020
1 Peter 2:3b-10; Matthew 17:1-8


Louise Flooks
18th October 2020
Nehemiah 8:1-18

The Father finds me: Personal worship

Tim Daulby
11th October 2020
John 4:21-24

The Jesus-shaped life of service

Peter Lambros
4th October 2020
John 13:1-17; Mark 10:42-45

Digest the Word - Meditation

John Ayrton
27th September 2020
Psalm 19:7-14; Matt. 4:1-11

Word-food for life

Louise Flooks
20th September 2020
2 Timothy 3:14-17; Matthew 4:1-11

Jesus' fasting face-off with Satan

James Ayrton
13th September 2020
Matthew 4:1-11; 6:16-18

The parable of the sower

Chris Pearce
6th September 2020
Matthew 13:1-9; 18-23

Be careful

30th August 2020
Ephesians 5:15-17

Looking through the window

Ian Pitt
23rd August 2020
John 11:1-27

If I could tell you just one thing

Ian Thomson
16th August 2020
Matthew 6:19-21

Elijah #5: Someone who confesses and is renewed

John Ayrton
9th August 2020
1 Kings 19:8-21

Elijah #4: Someone who submits to God in solitude

John Ayrton
19th July 2020
1 Kings 19:1-9a

Elijah #3: Someone who obeys God in Spiritual Conflict

Peter Lambros
12th July 2020
1 Kings 18:1-21

Elijah #2: Someone who trusts and living simply

Louise Flooks
5th July 2020
1 Kings 17:2-16

Elijah #1: Someone who prayed

John Ayrton
28th June 2020
James 5:17-18 (1 Kings 17:1,17-24; 18:41-46)

Fulfilled hope in a hard place

John Ayrton
21st June 2020
Genesis 18:1-15; 21:1-7

Facing death and finding hope

Chris Pearce
7th June 2020
John 11:1-57

Christ in us, the hope of glory

Louise Flooks
31st May 2020
Acts 2:1-17a

Seeing hope

Andrew Rose
24th May 2020
Genesis 9:8-17

Knowing God in lockdown

John Ayrton
17th May 2020
Philippians 1:1-26

No turning back

Peter Lambros
10th May 2020
Psalm 95:1-11

Lessons from Joseph

Louise Flooks
3rd May 2020
Genesis 39-41

Feeling far from home

John Ayrton
26th April 2020
Psalm 84; Luke 15:11-32

The storm and the refuge

Louise Flooks
19th April 2020
Matthew 8:23-27; Psalm 46

The King with the personal touch

John Ayrton
12th April 2020
Mark 16:1-8, Luke 24:13-16; 28-31; 33-34, John 20:19-29

Facing pressure with the faithful King

John Ayrton
5th April 2020
Mark 14:26-42

Worshipping the Saviour King - "How do I respond to Jesus?"

Louise Flooks
29th March 2020
Mark 14:1-26

Being ready for the returning King - "How can I live for Jesus when everything falls apart?"

Andrew Rose
22nd March 2020
Mark 13:1-37

The King's way to loving God - "How can I be close to God?"

Paul Robinson
15th March 2020
Mark 12:18-43

Questioning the King - "Why should Jesus be my King?"

John Ayrton
8th March 2020
Mark 11:27-12:17

Challenged by the King - "What does Jesus really expect of us?"

Chris Pearce
23rd February 2020
Mark 11:1-26

Following the King on the road to Glory - "What about my ambitions?"

Louise Flooks
16th February 2020
Mark 10:32-52

The values of the King - "What's really worth it?"

John Ayrton
9th February 2020
Mark 10:17-31

The Compassion of the King - "Does Jesus really care?"

John Ayrton
2nd February 2020
Mark 10:1-16

The Priorities of the King - "A Topsy-Turvy Kingdom"

Louise Flooks
26th January 2020
Mark 9:30-50

Depending on the King - "Can't I just work it out for myself?"

John Ayrton
19th January 2020
Mark 9:9-29

Listen to the King - "Does what Jesus says really matter?"

John Ayrton
12th January 2020
Mark 8:31 - 9:8

Ask! (The woman at the well)

Louise Flooks
1st March 2020
John 4:1-42

Here be giants!

Andrew Rose
5th January 2020
Hebrews 11:1-40

Where does your journey begin?

Louise Flooks
29th December 2019
Matthew 2:1-12

Presents and Presence

John Ayrton
25th December 2019
Matthew 2:1-12

An unexpected journey

John Ayrton
22nd December 2019
Matthew 1:18-25

Waiting for God (Part 2)

John Ayrton
8th December 2019
James 5:7-20

Fat lambs

Louise Flooks
24th November 2019
James 5:1-6

Here today, gone tomorrow

John Ayrton
17th November 2019
James 4:13-17

Regular check-ups

Sim de Roemer
10th November 2019
James 4:1-12


Andrew Rose
3rd November 2019
James 3:13-18

Salty springs

Louise Flooks
27th October 2019
James 3:1-12

Faith made complete

Sim de Roemer
20th October 2019
James 2:14-26

The royal law

John Ayrton
13th October 2019
James 2:1-13

What is true religion?

Louise Flooks
6th October 2019
James 1:19-27

Faith under fire

John Ayrton
29th September 2019
James 1:1-18

A people for each other

Louise Flooks
22nd September 2019
John 13:1-17

A people for the world

Andrew Rose
15th September 2019
Acts 8:1-8;26-40

A people for God

John Ayrton
8th September 2019
1 Peter 2:1-10

The God who gives wisdom

Andrew Page
1st September 2019
Proverbs 1:1-33

Knowing the will of God

Ian Thomson
25th August 2019
Colossians 1:9-10

Prayer against opposition

Georgia Condell
18th August 2019
Acts 4:23-31

The Joy of the LORD

Chris Pearce
11th August 2019
Psalm 16

How not to lose your faith

John Ayrton
4th August 2019
Colossians 2:6-7

The grass is NOT greener

John Ayrton
28th July 2019
Exodus 20:17

Honesty is the best policy

Louise Flooks
21st July 2019
Exodus 20:16

Sticky fingers

14th July 2019
Exodus 20:15

Firewalls for marriage

John Ayrton
7th July 2019
Exodus 20:14; Matt. 19:3-9, 5:27-30

Love your enemies

Tim Daulby
30th June 2019
Exodus 20:13; Matt. 5:21-22. 43-48

Family matters

John Ayrton
23rd June 2019
Exodus 20:12

Crazy busy!

Louise Flooks
16th June 2019
Exodus 20:8-11

Taking the Name: Ambassadors of Christ

John Ayrton
26th May 2019
Exodus 20:7

No other name

Andrew Rose
19th May 2019
Exodus 20:1-6

Take off your shoes

Louise Flooks
12th May 2019
Exodus 19:1-25; 20:18-21

Help is here!

John Ayrton
9th June 2019
Acts 4:23-31

Beginning and ending with God

Paul Robinson
2nd June 2019
Daniel 9:1-23

Power to live: dead to sin, alive to Christ

Paul Robinson
5th May 2019
Romans 6:1-13

Rescue and triumph

Andrew Rose
28th April 2019
Colossians 2:6-15

New life in Christ

Louise Flooks
21st April 2019
2 Corinithians 5:17

Peace and reconciliation

John Ayrton
14th April 2019
2 Corinthians 5:18-21; Romans 3:21-25

Sin and forgiveness

John Ayrton
7th April 2019
1 John 1:7-2:2

Who do you say I am?

Louise Flooks
31st March 2019
Mark 8:11-30

Does Jesus have favourites?

John Ayrton
24th March 2019
Mark 7:24-8:10

Does Jesus REALLY love me?

Louise Flooks
17th March 2019
Mark 7:1-23

Where do I start?

John Ayrton
10th March 2019
Mark 6:30-56

What causes unbelief?

Louise Flooks
3rd March 2019
Mark 6:1-29

Does Jesus care about me?

John Ayrton
24th February 2019
Mark 5:21-43

Why following Jesus is full of faith and fear

Paul Robinson
17th February 2019
Mark 4:35-5:20

Why did Jesus speak in riddles?

John Ayrton
10th February 2019
Mark 4:1-34

What does Jesus call his followers to?

Louise Flooks
3rd February 2019
Mark 3:7-34

Is Jesus good?

Sim de Roemer
27th January 2019
Mark 2:1-3:6

Can we still believe this stuff today?

Andrew Rose
20th January 2019
Mark 1:21-45

What was Jesus' message?

Louise Flooks
13th January 2019
Mark 1:13-20

Why should I look for Jesus?

John Ayrton
6th January 2019
Mark 1:1-12

Every Good and Perfect Gift

Louise Flooks
30th December 2018
Matthew 2:9-11; James 1:17

The Greatest Show

John Ayrton
25th December 2018
Luke 1:26-33, 2:8-18; Matthew 2:1-2

Jesus - The Gift for All

John Ayrton
23rd December 2018
Luke 1:26-33, 2:8-32; Matt. 1:18-2:12

The LORD comes down to meet us

Sim de Roemer
9th December 2018
Exodus 19:1-9

Trusting the LORD in crises

Paul Robinson
2nd December 2018
Exodus 17:1-18:27

Trusting the LORD - daily!

Louise Flooks
25th November 2018
Exodus 15:22-16:36

The LORD’s Salvation - Presence and victory

Andrew Rose
18th November 2018
Exodus 13:17-15:21

The LORD's Judgement, the LORD's Rescue, the LORD's People

John Ayrton
11th November 2018
Exodus 12:1-13:16

The King, the gods and the LORD

John Ayrton
4th November 2018
Exodus 7:1-11:10

Who is the LORD?

Louise Flooks
28th October 2018
Exodus 4:27-5:5; 6:2-8

The Lord makes his move

John Ayrton
21st October 2018
Exodus 2:23-4:31

The Lord of our story

John Ayrton
14th October 2018
Exodus 1:1-2:25

God has a plan for me

7th October 2018
Jeremiah 1:4-10;17-19

The importance of knowing

Gez Perry
30th September 2018
2 Peter 1:1-3:18

Never grow weary of doing a beautiful thing

Andrew Rose
23rd September 2018
2 Thessalonians 3:1-18

A real anchor

Louise Flooks
16th September 2018
2 Thessalonians 2:1-17

Real Growth in Tough Times

Louise Flooks
9th September 2018
2 Thessalonians 1:1-6

Real grace

Paul Robinson
22nd July 2018
1 Thessalonians 5:12-28

Real hope

John Ayrton
15th July 2018
1 Thessalonians 4:13-5:11

Real holiness

John Ayrton
8th July 2018
1 Thessalonians 4:1-12

Real Relationships

Louise Flooks
1st July 2018
1 Thessalonians 3:1-13

A real word for a real struggle

John Ayrton
24th June 2018
1 Thessalonians 2:13-20

Real disciple-making

Louise Flooks
17th June 2018
1 Thessalonians 2:1-12

Real disciples

Andrew Rose
10th June 2018
1 Thessalonians 1:1-10

Simply following Jesus

John Ayrton
2nd September 2018
Matthew 28:16-20

Time for a story!

Paul Robinson
26th August 2018
Luke 15:11-32

In the beginning ... nothing?

Howard Millman
19th August 2018
Ecclesiastes 2:10-11; 1:12-17; 2:17-23; 12:9-14


Andrew Rose
12th August 2018
Mark 2:1-12; 5:24-34; 7:24-30

The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing

Ian Thomson
5th August 2018
Deuteronomy 5:30-33

He breaks the power of cancelled sin

Ian Pitt
29th July 2018
Romans 8

Responding to our generous God

John Ayrton
3rd June 2018
2 Cor. 8:1-9; 9:6-15

The gift of purpose - empowered by gifts to serve

Louise Flooks
27th May 2018
1 Corinthians 12:4-14; 27ff

The gift of the Spirit

Andrew Page
20th May 2018
John 16:4-16

The gift of salvation

Sim de Roemer
13th May 2018
Ephesians 2:1-10

The gift of the Son - King and Kingdom

Louise Flooks
6th May 2018
Luke 3:21-23, 4:14-28

The gift of belonging to a father

Dan Simpkins
29th April 2018
1 Peter 2:9-10

The gift of life and value - Creator

John Ayrton
22nd April 2018
Acts 17:16-18a,22-34

Living for the risen LORD (2)

Andrew Rose
15th April 2018
John 21:15-25

Living for the risen LORD (1)

John Ayrton
8th April 2018
John 21:1-14

Christ is risen! (Easter Day)

John Ayrton
1st April 2018
John 20:1-31

The arrival of the King

Paul Robinson
25th March 2018
John 12:12-19

What Jesus will do through us

Dan Simpkins
11th March 2018
John 17:6-19

What Jesus has done for us

Louise Flooks
4th March 2018
John 17:1-12

Questions and answers

John Ayrton
25th February 2018
John 16:16-33

Living for Jesus in a hostile world

John Ayrton
18th February 2018
John 15:18-16:15

Being fruitful

Dan Simpkins
11th February 2018
John 15:1-17

God in our lives

Louise Flooks
4th February 2018
John 14:15-31

An unexpected journey

John Ayrton
28th January 2018
John 13:31-14:14


John Ayrton
21st January 2018
Isaiah 55:1-13


Dan Simpkins
14th January 2018
John 4:1-42


Louise Flooks
7th January 2018
Ephesians 5:8-17

New life, new living

John Ayrton
31st December 2017
2 Corinthians 5:14-17

They didn't expect that!

Louise Flooks and John Ayrton
25th December 2017
Luke 2:1-20

The back story

John Ayrton
24th December 2017
Luke 2:1-7

Letting the light shine

Louise Flooks
17th December 2017
Luke 2:1-20

The Christmas story seen through younger eyes

Dan Simpkins
10th December 2017

God's heart to restore what is broken

Louise Flooks
3rd December 2017
Genesis 47:29-31; 48:1-4; 50:22-26

Being fruitful in a time of famine

Dan Simpkins
26th November 2017
Genesis 46-47

Our Sovereign God enabling forgiveness

John Ayrton
19th November 2017
Genesis 45:1-28


Louise Flooks
12th November 2017
Genesis 44:1-45:3

Reaching the end of ourselves

Louise Flooks
5th November 2017
Genesis 42:35-43:14

Unexpected visitors

John Ayrton
29th October 2017
Genesis 42:1-38

The waiting is over

John Ayrton
22nd October 2017
Genesis 41:1-57

No hope but God

Dan Simpkins
15th October 2017
Genesis 40:1-23

The Lord is with us

John Ayrton
8th October 2017
Genesis 39

Shattered Dreams

Louise Flooks
1st October 2017
Genesis 37:1-36

Commit entirely

John Ayrton
24th September 2017
2 Timothy 2:1-10

Love selflessly

Louise Flooks
17th September 2017
John 13:1-17

Give sacrificially

Dan Simpkins
10th September 2017
Philippians 2:1-18

In the beginning, God ...

Howard Millman
3rd September 2017
Genesis 1:1

The geese are getting fat

John Ayrton
27th August 2017
Luke 1:11-45

Walk the line

Ian Thomson
20th August 2017
Micah 6:8

Jesus - hope of the nations

Sim de Roemer
13th August 2017
Psalm 67:1-7

An unexpected journey

Paul Robinson
6th August 2017
2 Corinthians 3:4-4:18

How can I know God's guidance?

Ian Pitt
30th July 2017
Judges 6:12-14; Acts 16:6-10; Luke 6:12-13

The connecting community

John Ayrton
23rd July 2017
Colossians 4:2-18

The community of changing lives

Louise Flooks
16th July 2017
Colossians 3:12-4:4

How to really change; is it rules or relationship?

Andrew Rose
9th July 2017
Colossians 2:16-3:11

Battling on to maturity in Christ

John Ayrton
2nd July 2017
Colossians 1:28 - 2:15


Dan Simpkins
25th June 2017
Colossians 1:15-27

Jesus at the centre of everything

Dan Simpkins
18th June 2017
Colossians 1:15-27

Starting well and carrying on

Louise Flooks
11th June 2017
Colossians 1:1-14

Filled and empowered - The Holy Spirit

Sim de Roemer
4th June 2017
John 15:26-16:15


Dan Simpkins
28th May 2017
Mark 10:45


Phil Crozier
21st May 2017


Louise Flooks
14th May 2017
1 Peter 3:15


Andrew Rose
7th May 2017
1 Corinthians 12:12-26; 13:1-7

Worshipping and following

Dan Simpkins
30th April 2017
Ephesians 1:17


John Ayrton
23rd April 2017
Ephesians 1:17-23; 2:19-22

Life transformed

Dan Simpkins & John Ayrton
16th April 2017
Luke 24:36-49

The King for everyone (Palm Sunday)

John Ayrton
9th April 2017
John 12:12-36

Responding to Jesus - Love and worship

Paul Robinson
2nd April 2017
John 12:1-11

The greater plan

Sim de Roemer
26th March 2017
John 11:45-57

Suffering, death and the difference Jesus makes

Andrew Rose
19th March 2017
John 11:1-45

Believing in Jesus

Dan Simpkins
12th March 2017
John 10:22-42

The Shepherd and the Door

Louise Flooks
5th March 2017
John 9:34-10:21

Seeing and believing

Andrew Rose
26th February 2017
John 9:1-38

Jesus, truth and freedom

Dan Simpkins
19th February 2017
John 8:31-59

Dealing with sin, seeing the light

John Ayrton
12th February 2017
John 8:1-30

Responding to Jesus - his words, his mission, his gift

Louise Flooks
5th February 2017
John 7:1-52

A hope that lasts

John Ayrton
29th January 2017
John 3:13-18; 5:21-29

Hope of human beings restored

Louise Flooks
22nd January 2017
Mark 5:1-20

Hope of a new world coming

John Ayrton
15th January 2017
Colossians 1:15-20

Why does hope matter?

Louise Flooks
8th January 2017
Romans 4:18-24

The hope-giving gift

John Ayrton
1st January 2017
Romans 8:15-39

Why the gift?

John Ayrton & Dan Simpkins
25th December 2016
Galatians 4:4-7

Experiencing the gift

John Ayrton
18th December 2016
Luke 2:8-20

The disturbing gift

John Ayrton
4th December 2016
Luke 1:26-56

The unbelievable gift

Dan Simpkins
27th November 2016
Luke 1:5-25

Back to Bethel

Louise Flooks
20th November 2016
Genesis 35:1-36:43

Mighty is the God of Israel

Dan Simpkins
13th November 2016
Genesis 33:1-20

Face off

Louise Flooks
23rd October 2016
Genesis 32:1-32

Still running

John Ayrton
16th October 2016
Genesis 31:1-13;22-24

Desperate for love

Dan Simpkins
9th October 2016
Genesis 29:30-30:24

The LORD will be my God

Paul Robinson
2nd October 2016
Genesis 28:10-22


Ian Pitt
25th September 2016
Genesis 26:37 - 27:41

Introducing the twins

Louise Flooks
18th September 2016
Genesis 25:19-34

Introducing Rebekah

Dan Simpkins
11th September 2016
Genesis 24:1-67

Our family tree

Louise Flooks
4th September 2016
John 1:10-13

The bigger conversation

Jo Simpkins
6th November 2016
Nehemiah 1:1-2:8

Great expectations!

John Ayrton
30th October 2016
Luke 11:1-13

Our Eternal Home

Dan Simpkins
28th August 2016
1 Corinthians 15:1-20

He Restores My Soul

Ian Pitt
21st August 2016
Psalm 23

Walking in the Spirit

Ian Thomson
14th August 2016
Galatians 5:16-25

The God who sees me

Louise Flooks
7th August 2016
Genesis 16:1-16;17:20-26;21:8-21

The blessed life!

Gez Perry
31st July 2016
Psalm 1

A prayer which changes lives

Andrew Page
24th July 2016
Psalm 51

Abiding in the vine

Sim de Roemer
17th July 2016
John 15:1-17

Life in the Spirit

Phil Crozier
10th July 2016
Galatians 5:13-26

Planting for a harvest

John Ayrton
3rd July 2016
1 Corinthians 3:1-9

Tasting the bread - or turning away

Louise Flooks
26th June 2016
John 6:52-71

Jesue, the bread of life.

Andrew Rose
19th June 2016
John 6: 22-51

Learning to live with Jesus

Dan Simpkins
12th June 2016
John 6:1-21

Getting to the truth about Jesus

John Ayrton
5th June 2016
John 5:30-47

Like Father, like Son

Dan Simpkins
29th May 2016
John 5:19-30

Jesus and the Father

Jo Simpkins
22nd May 2016
John 5:1-18

Seeing and believing

Dan Simpkins
8th May 2016
John 4:43-54

The Saviour of the World

1st May 2016
John 4:27-42

Water of life for the outcast

John Ayrton
24th April 2016
John 4:1-26

Reactions to the light

Dan Simpkins
17th April 2016
John 3:22-36

Looking for the light

Sim de Roemer
10th April 2016
John 3:1-21

Light in the community

Paul Robinson
3rd April 2016
John 2:1-25

Finding the light

Louise Flooks
20th March 2016
John 1:35-51

Pointing to the light

John Ayrton
13th March 2016
John 1:19-34

Light in the darkness

Dan Simpkins
6th March 2016
John 1:1-18

Jesus - our thirst-quencher

Louise Flooks
15th May 2016
John 7:37-39

Jesus is alive!

Louise Flooks and John Ayrton
27th March 2016
John 20:1-31

"Out of the eater. something to eat, out of the strong, something sweet"

Chris Davis
28th February 2016
Judges 14:1-20

Joy for the distance

John Ayrton
21st February 2016
Philippians 4:8-23

Joy in Expecting

Louise Flooks
14th February 2016
Philippians 3:17-4:7

Joy in pressing on

Dan Simpkins
7th February 2016
Philippians 3:1-16

The joy of obedience and fellowship

John Ayrton
31st January 2016
Philippians 2:12-30

Joy in unity and being like Jesus

Jo Simpkins
24th January 2016
Philippians 2:1-11

Joy in living, dying and struggling

Dan Simpkins
17th January 2016
Philippians 1:18b-30

Joy in frustration

Louise Flooks
10th January 2016
Philippians 1:12-18a

Joy in prayer and partnership

John Ayrton
3rd January 2016
Philippians 1:1-11

What makes you feel Christmassy?

Dan Simpkins
20th December 2015

Light in the darkness

Liz Murray
13th December 2015
John 1:6-8

Unafraid to hope

6th December 2015

Unafraid of doubt

John Ayrton
29th November 2015
Luke 24:11-12,33; Matt 28:16-18

Unafraid to trust with the questions

Louise Flooks
22nd November 2015
John 16:33; Gen 3:1-6;1 Cor 1:23-25; Eph 6:11-12

Unafraid to trust in the silence

Dan Simpkins
15th November 2015
Psalm 22

Unashamed to be committed to mission

Sim de Roemer
8th November 2015
Acts 1:1-14

Unashamed to be caring for one another

John Ayrton
1st November 2015
Galatians 5:13-6:5

Unashamed to be dependent on God in prayer

Louise Flooks
25th October 2015
John 15:5

Unashamed to be Bible-based

John Ayrton
18th October 2015
Matt 19:3-6; John 5:39-40; 2 Tim 3:14-17; Isaiah 55; Col 3:15-17

Unashamed to be Christ-centred

Dan Simpkins
11th October 2015
Col 1:15-20, Eph 1:3-14, Rev 5, Phil 3:4-14

Our vision: to be growing outwards in the wider world

John Ayrton
4th October 2015
Acts 19: 1-20

Our vision: to be growing inwards with each other

Louise Flooks
27th September 2015
Ephesians 4: 1-17

Our vision: to be growing upwards towards God

Dan Simpkins
20th September 2015
Ephesians 2:1-22; 4:14-16

Leadership qualities

Louise Flooks
13th September 2015
various various

Servant-hearted leadership - Character

Dan Simpkins
6th September 2015
John 13 1-17

Leadership growing in Christian communities

John Ayrton
30th August 2015
Acts 1:12-26; 6:1-7; 11:19-26

Keeping your spiritual vigour

Ian Thompson
23rd August 2015
Romans 12:9-13

Our inheritance

Peter Dodd
16th August 2015
Ephesians 1:1-23

Thanking God for the waiting time!

Louise Flooks
9th August 2015
Genesis 41:1

Dad's Crazy Love

Paul Robinson
2nd August 2015
John 3:16

Habakkuk - Part 2: '...Yet I will serve the Lord'

John Ayrton
26th July 2015
Habakkuk 2:6-3:19

Joel - Part 2: The Day of the Lord

Dan Simpkins
19th July 2015
Joel 2:18-3:21

Joel - Part 1: Rend your heart

Dan Simpkins
12th July 2015
Joel 1:1-2:17

Habakkuk - Part 1: Arguing with God

John Ayrton
5th July 2015
Habakkuk 1:1-2:5

Hosea - Love Hurts! #2 "What can I do with you?"

John Ayrton
28th June 2015
Hosea 6:1-14:9

Hosea - Love Hurts! #1 "..but me she forgot!"

John Ayrton
21st June 2015
Hosea 1:1-3:5

Jonah Part 2

Louise Flooks
14th June 2015
Jonah 3-4

Jonah Part 1, When we say 'no' to God

Louise Flooks
7th June 2015
Jonah 1:1-3:3

Help from the Holy Spirit

Dan Simpkins
31st May 2015
Romans 8:1-27

The promised Holy Spirit

John Ayrton
17th May 2015
John 14:12-27; 16:5-15

A conquering, generous King

Jo Simpkins
10th May 2015
Ephesians 4:7-13

The King who cares; on our side giving us help

Dan Simpkins
3rd May 2015
Romans 8:34, Hebrews 4:14-16, 7:23-25

Jesus in the highest place for us

Louise Flooks
19th April 2015
Colossians 3:1-4

The family of the risen King

John Ayrton
12th April 2015
John 20:10-29

Jesus - the way to life

John Ayrton
5th April 2015
Acts 2:22-39

How and why Jesus nailed it

Louise Flooks
3rd April 2015
Colossians 2:14

Welcoming the King

Dan Simpkins
29th March 2015
Luke 19:28-46

Living for the King

John Ayrton
22nd March 2015
Luke 19:11-27

How salvation comes

Louise Flooks
15th March 2015
Luke 18:35-19:10

Inheriting eternal life?

Sim de Roemer
8th March 2015
Luke 18:18-34

Prayer and the Kingdom

Dan Simpkins
1st March 2015
Luke 18:1-17

Expect the unexpected

Louise Flooks
22nd February 2015
Luke 17:11-37

Following Jesus with others

Paul Robinson
15th February 2015
Luke 17:1-10

Now or then?

John Ayrton
8th February 2015
Luke 16:14-31

God or money

John Ayrton
25th January 2015
Luke 16:1-13

The joy in following Jesus

John Ayrton
18th January 2015
Luke 15:1-32

The cost in following Jesus

Dan Simpkins
11th January 2015
Luke 14:25-35

The New Samaritans?

1st February 2015
Luke 10:25-37

When it's all going badly

Louise Flooks
4th January 2015
Philippians 2:12-18

Peace on earth?

Louise Flooks
21st December 2014
Isaiah 9:6; Phil. 4:6-7

Donkey vs Reindeer! Real and relevant or fake and fairy tale?

Alice Rose / Jo Simpkins / Dan Simpkins
14th December 2014
Lk 1:1-4; 2:1-20; Matt 1:18-2:12

What did God give you for Christmas?

Dan Simpkins
7th December 2014
John 1:14

On the home front

John Ayrton
30th November 2014
1 Peter 3:1-12

Citizens and workers

Dan Simpkins
23rd November 2014
1 Peter 2:13-25

Money, ambition and wisdom

John Ayrton
16th November 2014
1 Tim 6:6-11; 1 Tim 17-19; James 3:13-18

Everyone needs good neighbours

Louise Flooks
9th November 2014
Romans 13:7-14; Luke 10:25-37

Real Spirituality / Adoption Sunday

Paul Robinson
2nd November 2014
Isaiah 58:1-11

Shining like stars

John Ayrton
26th October 2014
Philippians 2:12-16; 4:4-9

A good way to make a difference

Louise Flooks
19th October 2014
Acts 18:1-17

The right place to make a difference

Dan Simpkins
12th October 2014
Acts 8:4-8;8:26-40

The church that made a difference

John Ayrton
5th October 2014
Acts 2:41-5:42

Why bother?

Dan Simpkins
28th September 2014
John 17:1-5

You are the light of the world

Louise Flooks
14th September 2014
Matthew 5:14-16

Salt of the earth?

John Ayrton
7th September 2014
Matthew 5:13

Great is your reward in heaven

John Ayrton
31st August 2014
Matthew 5:11-12

When persecution comes

Ian Thompson
24th August 2014
Matthew 5:9-10

Showing mercy

Louise Flooks
17th August 2014
Matthew 5:7

Hunger for righteousness

John Ayrton
10th August 2014
Matthew 5:3-6

Poor in spirit

John Ayrton
3rd August 2014
Matthew 4:23-5:4

Resting in God

Peter Dodd
27th July 2014

The walk of faith

John Ayrton
20th July 2014
Joshua 3:1-4:24

God's surprising work

Louise Flooks
13th July 2014
Joshua 2:1-24

Facing fear and limitations

Ian Pitt
6th July 2014
Joshua 1:1-18

Starting afresh

John Ayrton
29th June 2014
Deut 31:14-30

Living God's way

John Ayrton
22nd June 2014
Deut 6:1-12

Learning from the old mistakes

Louise Flooks
15th June 2014
Deut 1:19-46

Spirit outpoured

John Ayrton
8th June 2014
Acts 1:4-11; 2:1-41

Expectations set?

Paul Robinson
1st June 2014
Acts 4:23-31

Jesus enthroned

John Ayrton
29th May 2014
Ephesians 1:15-23

Crisis and Consequences

John Ayrton
25th May 2014
Numbers 14:10-45

The choice

John Ayrton
18th May 2014
Numbers 13:1-14:9

The Word in our lives

Bev Webb
11th May 2014
Mark 5:25-34

Approaching the Bible

Jon Dawson
4th May 2014
Lk 1:1-4; 24:13-32

What's the point of the Bible?

John Ayrton
27th April 2014
2 Tim 3:10-17

Leaving discouragement behind

John Ayrton
13th April 2014
Haggai 2:1-23

God's word to the discouraged

John Ayrton
6th April 2014
Haggai 1:1-15

When we're indifferent to Him

Jon Dawson
30th March 2014
Revelation 3:14-22

When we've had enough

John Ayrton
23rd March 2014
Revelation 3:7-13

When we are hypocrites

John Ayrton
16th March 2014
Revelation 3:1-6

When we are deceived

John Ayrton
9th March 2014
Revelation 2:18-29

When we are under pressure to compromise

Ian Thompson
2nd March 2014
Revelation 2:12-17

When suffering comes

Paul Robinson
23rd February 2014
Revelation 2:8-11

When our love cools

Sally Campbell
16th February 2014
Revelation 2:1-7

Why the church matters to Christ

John Ayrton
9th February 2014
Revelation 1:1-20

Changing the world

Dan Simpkins
2nd February 2014
Matt 28:16-20

Sent by the Son - Living the purpose

John Ayrton
26th January 2014
John 20:19-23

New life in Christ

John Ayrton
19th January 2014
Matt 28:18-20; Col 2:12-15

Our part in God's plan

Tony Watkins
12th January 2014
Luke 24:44-49

The need to keep growing (Ephesus)

John Ayrton
5th January 2014
Acts 20:17-38

See for yourself

John Ayrton
25th December 2013
Luke 2:1-20

Don't miss the signs!

John Ayrton
22nd December 2013
Luke 2:1-20

Where's Christmas?

James Rouse
15th December 2013
Isaiah 9:2,6,7

The silence is broken

John Ayrton
8th December 2013
Lk 1:57-80

Your prayer has been heard

Gez Perry
1st December 2013
Lk 1:5-25

Growing Church, City impact (Ephesus)

Biddy Taylor
24th November 2013
Acts 19:8-41

Where growth comes from (Corinth)

John Ayrton
17th November 2013
1 Corinthians 3:5-17

Getting back to growth: life signs in a sick church (Corinth)

Chris Halls
10th November 2013
1 Corinthians 1:4-9; 1:26-2:5

Growing in a hard place (Corinth)

John Ayrton
3rd November 2013
Acts 18:1-19:1

Growing pains: pushing through tough times (Thessalonica)

Jon Dawson
27th October 2013
1 Thess 3:1-13

Real growth out of real ministry (Thessalonica)

Louise Flooks
20th October 2013
1 Thess 2:6-20

Everyone's welcome

John Ayrton
13th October 2013
Luke 14

Anatomy of growth: Word, Spirit, changed lives (Thessalonica)

John Ayrton
6th October 2013
1 Thess 1:1-10

Growing and moving (Antioch)

Louise Flooks
29th September 2013
Acts 11:27-30; 12:25-13:3

How growth gets started (Antioch)

John Ayrton
22nd September 2013
Acts 11:19-26

Families 4-40

Paul Woodman
15th September 2013
2 Samuel 9

The old problem and a new direction

Peter Dodd
8th September 2013
Genesis 11:1-32

Living the Big Story

John Ayrton
25th August 2013
Genesis 9:8-29

Humanity 1.1 - God's big commitment

John Ayrton
18th August 2013
Genesis 8:20-9:17

Judgement and a rescued creation

Louise Flooks
11th August 2013
Genesis 7:6-8:22

What troubles God's heart?

Peter Dodd
28th July 2013
Genesis 6:1-7:5

Only Human ... the story so far

John Ayrton
21st July 2013
Genesis 4:7-5:32


John Ayrton
30th June 2013
Genesis 3:21-4:16

Why it's all broken

Louise Flooks
23rd June 2013
Genesis 3:1-20

Made for each other

John Ayrton
16th June 2013
Genesis 2:4-25

The best of humanity

Andy Atkins
9th June 2013
Genesis 1:26-2:3

God of Creation

John Ayrton
2nd June 2013
Genesis 1:1-27

Come serve with me

John Ayrton
1st September 2013
Matt 11:25-29

Praying with your eyes open

John Ayrton
4th August 2013
Matt 9:35-10:8

Who is my neighbour?

Nick Watkins
7th July 2013
Luke 10:29

Experiencing the Holy Spirit

Jon Dawson
19th May 2013
Acts 2:1-4

Come dine with me!

Louise Flooks
12th May 2013
Luke 14:1-24

Responding to Jesus: three different reactions

John Ayrton
5th May 2013
Luke 13:22-35

Responding to Jesus ... the 'last chance' synagogue meeting

John Ayrton
28th April 2013
Luke 13:10-21

Serving one another in love

Louise Flooks
21st April 2013
Gal 5:13-16; Col 3:12-17

Living a life of love

John Ayrton
14th April 2013
Acts 2:42-47; Eph 4:29-5:2

Loved to love

John Ayrton
7th April 2013
John 13:34-35; Phil 2:1-6

Easter Sunday: Touched by the Risen King

Louise Flooks
31st March 2013
Luke 24:1-12

Good Friday: The King on a Cross

John Ayrton
29th March 2013
Luke 23:32-43

Palm Sunday: See your King comes to you!

Ian Newton
24th March 2013
Matthew 21:1-11

Making the right decision

John Ayrton
17th March 2013
Luke 12:49-13:9

Watchfulness and rewarding service

Paul Robinson
10th March 2013
Luke 12:35-48

Life, God and worry

Louise Flooks
3rd March 2013
Luke 12:22-34

Life, wealth and relationships

John Ayrton
17th February 2013
Luke 12:13-21

Integrity and where it comes from

Louise Flooks
10th February 2013
Luke 12:1-12

No 'easy listening' at dinner!

John Ayrton
3rd February 2013
Luke 11:37-54

Responding really matters

Louise Flooks
27th January 2013
Luke 11:24-36

You can't be neutral!

John Ayrton
20th January 2013
Luke 11:14-23

Teach us to pray

John Ayrton
13th January 2013
Luke 11:1-13

Making a choice

Louise Flooks
6th January 2013
Luke 10:38-42

Fear not!

John Ayrton
30th December 2012

Responding to the King who comes

John Ayrton
25th December 2012

Coming soon!

John Ayrton
23rd December 2012

We need to talk

Louise Flooks
16th December 2012

The Innkeeper

Liz Murray
16th December 2012

Everyone needs good neighbours

John Ayrton
9th December 2012
Luke 10:25-37

... with joy!

Louise Flooks
2nd December 2012
Luke 10:17-24

... into mission

Nick Pollard
25th November 2012
Luke 10:1-16

It's bigger than you think - belonging to the World Church.

Eddie Arthur
18th November 2012
Acts 8:26-40

... on the road he takes

John Ayrton
11th November 2012
Luke 9:51-62

Down to earth with a bump ...

Louise Flooks
4th November 2012
Luke 9:37-50

Jesus - central to a growing church

Jon Dawson
28th October 2012
Ephesians 4:10-16

Jesus - central to maturing and finishing strong

John Ayrton
21st October 2012
Colossians 1:27-2:10

Jesus - central to a new life

Louise Flooks
14th October 2012
Luke 9:18-36

Joy from more than a completed project

John Ayrton
7th October 2012
Ezra 6:14-22

A picture of God's presence

Louise Flooks
30th September 2012
Zechariah 6:1-7:14

Power for a fresh start

John Ayrton
23rd September 2012
Zechariah 4:1-5:11

Repentance and forgiveness

Louise Flooks
2nd September 2012
Zechariah 1:1-3:10

Diagnosis - healing - rehabilitation

John Ayrton
19th August 2012
Haggai 2:10-23

Facing up to disappointment

John Symons
12th August 2012
Haggai 2:1-9

The promise that changes everything

Louise Flooks
5th August 2012
Haggai 1:13-15, Ezra 5:2-9,6:1-14

God's word to the discouraged

John Ayrton
15th July 2012
Ezra 5:1, Haggai 1:1-12

Facing opposition and setbacks

Peter Dodd
8th July 2012
Ezra 4:1-7,17-24

Giving, building, praising, weeping!

Louise Flooks
1st July 2012
Ezra 3:7-13

The first priority - worship

John Ayrton
17th June 2012
Ezra 2:68-3:6

Being in the big picture

John Ayrton
10th June 2012
Ezra 1:1-2:2

What does this mean?

Louise Flooks
27th May 2012
Acts 2:1-13

How fellowship works

John Ayrton
20th May 2012
1 Corinthians 16:1-23

Living for the future - loving for the present

John Ayrton
13th May 2012
1 Corinthians 15:50-58

Resurrection life

John Ayrton
6th May 2012
1 Corinthians 15:35-49

The gospel of the risen Jesus

Peter Dodd
29th April 2012
1 Corinthians 15:12-33

Standing on the gospel

Louise Flooks
22nd April 2012
1 Corinthians 15:1-11

Grown-up thinking about worship

John Ayrton
15th April 2012
1 Corinthians 14:20-40

Who is it you're looking for?

John Ayrton
8th April 2012
John 20:11-18

Paid on the nail

Louise Flooks
6th April 2012

On the 'cross' road with Jesus

Jon Dawson
1st April 2012
Mark 10:32-52

Spiritual gifts: Building up the church

Louise Flooks
25th March 2012
1 Corinthians 14:1-19

Love changes everything

Andy Atkins
18th March 2012
1 Corinthians 13:1-13

The body: How the holy spirit works

John Ayrton
11th March 2012
1 Corinthians 12:12-31

What the holy spirit does

Louise Flooks
4th March 2012
1 Corinthians 12:1-13

Going beyond ... the wider world

26th February 2012

Going with ... friends and networks

Louise Flooks
19th February 2012

Going into ... local community

John Ayrton
12th February 2012

Whose supper is it anyway?

John Ayrton
5th February 2012
1 Corinthians 11:17-33

Men and women and worship

John Ayrton
29th January 2012
1 Corinthians 11:2-16

Limits of freedom - and what maters most

David Corfe
22nd January 2012
1 Corinthians 10:14-11:1

A race to the finish

Louise Flooks
15th January 2012
1 Corinthians 9:24-10:13

Prayer and vision

John Ayrton
8th January 2012

New year reflections

Louise Flooks
1st January 2012

Carol Service 2011

John Ayrton
18th December 2011

The end of hope - the dawning of hope

John Ayrton
11th December 2011
Isaiah 8:19-9:7

Giving up my rights - for something better

John Ayrton
4th December 2011
1 Corinthians 9:1-23

'One man's meat' - living with our consciences

John Ayrton
27th November 2011
1 Corinthians 8:1-13

Singleness and a foundational principle

Louise Flooks
20th November 2011
1 Corinthians 7:17-39

Marriage and a foundational principle

Jon Dawson
13th November 2011
1 Corinthians 7:1-24

Born to work

Paul Robinson
6th November 2011

Time for Leisure

John Ayrton
10th July 2011

Where is God when we're scared?

John Ayrton
23rd October 2011
Daniel 6

Personal boundaries - What about sexual appetites?

John Ayrton
23rd October 2011
1 Corinthians 6:12-20

Relational breakdown - how far does it go?

Louise Flooks
16th October 2011
1 Corinthians 6:1-11

Community boundaries - Where does tolerance end?

John Ayrton
9th October 2011
1 Corinthians 5:1-12

Leadership and ministry in the Kingdom of God

John Ayrton
2nd October 2011
1 Corinthians 4:8-21

Talking with the LORD who speaks - Praying together

Louise Flooks
25th September 2011
Haggai 1:1-13

Living for the LORD who created - Perspective, purpose and discipleship

Nay Dawson
18th September 2011
Genesis 1:1-28

Walking with the LORD who leads - Guidance and discipleship

Paul Robinson
11th September 2011

Learning from Abraham's faith

John Ayrton
4th September 2011
Hebrews 11:8-19

The promise-keeping God

Jon Dawson
28th August 2011
Genesis 22:1-14

God's heart to bless others - Abraham and Abimilech

John Ayrton
21st August 2011
Genesis 20-21

Meeting the living God

Paul Robinson
14th August 2011
Genesis 18

Commitment - costs promises

John Ayrton
7th August 2011
Genesis 17

Knowing God better out of painful questions

Jon Dawson
31st July 2011
Genesis 15

Choices, consequences, priorities

Ian Newton
24th July 2011
Genesis 13:2-14:24

New purpose, changed direction, big challenge

Ian Pitt
17th July 2011
Genesis 12:1-13:1

Relief from bloating ... egos!

John Ayrton
3rd July 2011
1 Corinthians 3:18-4:7

The way out of (Christian) celebrity culture

Jon Dawson
26th June 2011
1 Corinthians 3:1-17

God's different wisdom - the Holy Spirit

John Ayrton
19th June 2011
1 Corinthians 2:6-16

God's gifts

John Ayrton
12th June 2011
Acts 2:1-18

Who and what God loves to use

Phil Orchard
5th June 2011
1 Corinthians 1:26-2:5

Church bust-ups and how to avoid them

John Ayrton
29th May 2011
1 Corinthians 1:10-25

Good Foundations

John Ayrton
22nd May 2011
1 Corinthians 1:1-9

Lifelong learning - touched by Peter's story

John Ayrton
15th May 2011

Leader for the long haul

Jon Dawson
8th May 2011
Acts 9:32-42, 10:1-23

The way back from failure

Paul Robinson
1st May 2011
John 21:1-23

He is risen indeed!

Ian Newton
24th April 2011
Matthew 28:1-10

'I don't know him' - Facing failure

Andrew Page
17th April 2011
Mark 14:27-42,66-72

Learning to trust, being willing to serve

Nay Dawson
10th April 2011
John 13

There's always more to learn

Dave Anthony
3rd April 2011
Matthew 17:24-27, 18:21-35

Shut up and listen!

Paul Robinson
27th March 2011
Luke 9:28-36

Seeing it clearly then missing it completely!

Chris Halls
20th March 2011
Matthew 16:13-25

Out of the comfort zone

Louise Flooks
13th March 2011
Matthew 14:22-36

'From now on ...' - everything changes

Ian Newton
6th March 2011
Luke 5:1-11

Hidden heroes in the book of Acts

John Ayrton
27th February 2011
Acts 9:36-43, 16:11-15, 18:1-4;18-26

Nehemiah: The day-job and the calling

Andy Atkins
20th February 2011
Nehemiah 1, 2:1-9

Daniel: Public faith and professional jealousy

13th February 2011
Daniel 6

Daniel: Standing under pressure

John Ayrton
6th February 2011
Daniel 2:1-23, 3:1-10

Joseph: Power

Louise Flooks
30th January 2011
Genesis 42-45

Joseph: Integrity

John Ayrton
23rd January 2011
Genesis 39-40

Living for God's glory

Louise Flooks
16th January 2011
Colossians 3

Praying together

John Ayrton
9th January 2011
Psalm 67

Looking back, looking forward

Louise Flooks
2nd January 2011

Living the good life: victory in spiritual battles

Louise Flooks
12th December 2010
1 Peter 5:8-14

Living the good life: caring leadership

John Ayrton
5th December 2010
1 Peter 5:1-7

Living the good life: when suffering comes

John Ayrton
28th November 2010
1 Peter 4:12-19

Living the good life: what and why the difference?

Eddie Arthur
14th November 2010
1 Peter 4:1-11

Living the good life: proactive for good

John Ayrton
7th November 2010
1 Peter 3:8-22

Living the good life: Reacting to others

John Ayrton
31st October 2010
1 Peter 2:11-3:7

Being holy together

Louise Flooks
24th October 2010
1 Peter 2:4-10

Reasons to be holy

John Ayrton
17th October 2010
1 Peter 1:13-2:3

Faith under fire

John Ayrton
10th October 2010
1 Peter 1:1-12

Following Jesus for life: Is it up to me, God or someone else?

John Ayrton
26th September 2010

Prayer: Am I just talking to myself?

Paul Robinson
19th September 2010

Being sure: Am I kidding myself?

Jon Dawson
12th September 2010

Baptism: What does it mean?

Louise Flooks
5th September 2010

How can I stay close to others? (Fellowship offering)

John Ayrton
29th August 2010
Leviticus 5

How can I stay close to God? (Sin offering)

John Ayrton
22nd August 2010
Leviticus 4

What will it be like? (Fellowship offering)

Louise Flooks
15th August 2010
Leviticus 3

How do I respond? (Grain offering)

John Ayrton
8th August 2010
Leviticus 2

How do I get in? (Burnt offering)

Louise Flooks
1st August 2010
Leviticus 1:3-17

Come near (Introduction)

John Ayrton
25th July 2010
Leviticus 1:1-2