What we do

Sundays at Portswood

Sundays at Portswood Church
We meet each Sunday at 10:00am in our main church building where the main focus is teaching from the Bible and worship. Our time together is structured and organized but also relaxed and informal. Whether you're 'just looking' or have been coming along for a long time we want you to feel at home. If you're new to us we hope you will feel free either to participate or simply just be there 'soaking it up'.

We begin by spending some time with all ages together before running separate, parallel activities for children and younger people.

Towards the end of the meeting our prayer ministry team are available to pray with anyone who would appreciate that ministry.

Although the 'structured bit' usually finishes by about 11:30 many people hang-out afterwards drinking coffee and chatting together. If you're visiting, please do stay and get to know us.

Occasionally we will break for coffee in the middle of our meeting, which means that we might not finish the formal bit until 12:00.

From time to time we follow our morning meeting with a shared lunch together - either in the church building or by going out for a picnic (in the warmer summer months!).

To hear a Sunday morning message go to audio downloads.
James. Now to live the life
The book we’re learning from this autumn term is James. Written by James, Jesus’ half-brother, it’s a small letter found in very last pages of the Bible