Everyone needs a bit of help at some point in their lives and currently things are tough for so many people.
Food & Clothing Help
If you are struggling with the cost of living and need help with emergency food and clothing, we are able to issue you with a Basics Bank food voucher.  Come along and visit us on a Sunday morning between 9.30am-11.30am and we can issue a voucher as well as direct you to further help across the city.
Homeless with no kitchen?  The Big Difference an provide you with a delivery to where you are of hot food and no cook food supplies.  We can either help you complete a request or you can apply for help yourself here: Big Difference Food Referral
Here is more details of locations where you can get help across the city: Help with Food
Mental Health & Wellbeing Help
We are also running regular Kintsugi HOPE Wellbeing courses, so if you are interested, please email:
Unemployment Help
Out of work and need help getting back into the work place?  We run regular free CAP Job Club courses to help you get back into work and realise your full potential.
Parenting Help
Struggling with parenting?  It is a really challenging time in anyones life but sometimes things can start mounting up.  If you feel you need some help in this area, why not connect with us through Portswood Pod (our baby and toddler group) where you will find a group of volunteers happy to get along side you and talk things through.  We also run regular Parenting Courses which are a great way of meeting other parents sharing similar struggles and working on things together with support.  We also run groups for children of all ages on a Sunday morning and children are always really welcome to all of our gatherings; we truly are a 'family' church.
Struggling with loneliness?
We are a smallish community (around 80-120) who gather each Sunday but also share life together in smaller groups throughout the week and we would love to get to know you!
We host a Coffee Morning every Thursday for retired people from 11am-12pm in our back hall.   There are lots of ways of getting involved in community here so why not come and see what we are all about?
Love Southampton serves as a Catalyst mobilising people to be involved in loving and serving the city. 
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