You may not know it, but this is one of Portswood Church’s strategic goals for the next few years. Some have reacted against this, saying we’re playing a numbers game, that we just want to be bigger, but that’s not what we’re about. 

As a church, we know we want to grow! It’s our vision, to grow up towards God, to grow deeper in community with one another, and to grow out into the world. That last growth aspect isn’t solely about bringing material and physical blessing to people, but at its heart is the obedience to Jesus’ command to go and make disciples. This will result in a bigger global church, but not necessarily a bigger Portswood Church. This is Jesus’ church and our priority is to follow him, to join in with Him and what He is doing. 

In just two weeks’ time, we, the church of Southampton, are invited to join in with an outreach event, led by a church from Reading. Reading? Yes, Reading! Over the last four months Reading churches have seen 2,145 people, mainly through cold contacts, on the streets, make a verbal commitment to invite Jesus into their lives. Yes, you heard right. Two thousand, one hundred and forty-five! Makes our 220 look like an afternoon’s work ☺ 

If you’re interested in finding out more from some of the guys who’ve been privileged to be used by God in this, and potentially be a part of something amazing here too, then why not make it a priority to be at City Life church on Sunday 9th October at 6:30pm for the launch of this mission. 

From Monday 10th October – Friday 21st October, daily (except Sunday) there will be training available by the team at Above Bar Church at either 10 - 11:30am or 2- 3:30pm; in addition to this there will be a time of celebration and prayer every evening at Central Hall at 7:30-9:30pm. 

For years, intercessors having been gathering to cry out for mercy and revival in this country. We’ve sung corporately words such as; ‘This time revival, pour out your spirit Lord.’ And ‘Have mercy, Lord,
Forgive us, Lord, Restore us, Lord, Revive your church again!’ 
As Christians in Southampton are we willing to act in faith right now that God might just be answering those prayers!

For further information, follow the following links and watch out for updates on our Facebook page. ☺ 

Baptist Union reports from the first few weeks in Reading…  

Gate Church, Reading. Morning service 2 weeks ago.  Testimony at 13 min, Sermon at 44 min

Louise Flooks 
Mission and Outreach Pastor