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Advent Reflections 2018

Advent Reflections 2018
Thursday 29th November 2018

 ‘From Heaven you Came…’ Readings, reflections and prayers for Advent. By Tony Horsfall & John Ayrton 

People talk about ‘the Christmas rush’ and they’re not wrong. But what if we were able to take time to go through the whole Bible story of Christmas slowly, thinking about a little episode each day? 

We could get to know the characters, see how the events touched them and maybe get to know what Christmas is all about right from the source, the beginning. 

Here, for each day through December there’s a reading from the Bible – we’ll cover the whole Christmas story – with a comment to prompt your reflection along with a prayer of response. 

Enjoy and be blessed.

Day 1. Zechariah the priest

Day 2. John’s birth foretold

Day 3. Zechariah’s unbelief

Day 4. Elizabeth’s joy

Day 5. The angel and Mary

Day 6. Mary's submission

Day 7. Mary visits Elizabeth

Day 8. Mary glorifies God (1)

Day 9. Mary glorifies God (2)

Day 10. He is to be called John

Day 11. His name is John

Day 12. Zechariah’s praise

Day 13. Zechariah’s prophecy

Day 14. John’s preparation

Day 15. Joseph’s dilemma

Day 16. Jesus is born

Day 17. Bethlehem

Day 18. The Shepherds arrive

Day 19. Angel hosts

Day 20. Mary ponders

Day 21. Jesus consecrated

Day 22. Simeon

Day 23. Simeon prays

Day 24. Simeon prophesies

Day 25. Anna’s testimony

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