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Autumn talk series, Genesis, Who do you think you are?
Friday 19th August 2016
Our autumn teaching series takes us back into the book of Genesis. In this second section, we’ll journey with a grown up Isaac, through the life stages of marriage, children and old age. We’ll follow on with his two boys Jacob and Esau, closing this series, with the stage set for the account of his grandson Joseph. 

As followers of Jesus we’re grafted into this family tree, we’re adopted into God’s family and these men and women, become, yes that’s right, our ancestors, our family.

If you think your immediate family relationships are somewhat tense or complicated at times, you’ll take comfort from knowing our ancestors, great men and women, commended for their faith, had far from perfect families and yet our gracious and loving God was pleased to have them in his family line. 

Please join us on this Journey starting Sunday September 4th. 

I can’t wait get going! 


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