Did you follow our Easter stories?  Let's continue the journey ...

Because HE nailed it ... I can enter into the presence of the living God without fear.

At the very moment that Jesus gave up his life on the cross the great curtain in the temple, the one that shut off access to the Holy of Holies, the place of God's presence, split in two from top to bottom.  Access into God's presence was now open to all.  We can come to him in prayer at any time and in any place.  But from time to time he calls us into special seasons of prayer at specific times and in particular places.

Jesus had reconciled us to God and in a just a few weeks, on May 14th, Ascension Day, we will once again celebrate this completed work, God raised him to life and seated him at his right hand, giving him authority over all things, for all time.

As we do so we will be launching 10 days of 24-hour prayer, leading us from the day of ascension to the outpouring of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost (May 24th). Building on last year's theme of "Kingdom Come" we will focus our prayers this year around the "beatitudes" (Matthew 5:3-12), reflecting on what God's kingdom looks like amongst us and praying that we would see more of it in our lives, in the lives of those we know and love, in our local communities and across the world.

We'll be setting up a prayer room with many things - objects, words, pictures, sounds, videos - to provoke and inspire, to help us catch God's heart for his world, to help us draw deeper into God. In this place we can all join the big conversation - with God and with each other - through the prayer journal and in other ways.

Last year we heard many stories of how God was speaking to people in the prayer room.  Now we have this exciting opportunity to focus on his voice, spending more time in his presence seeing and hearing what he is doing now.

Check out the blessed 24/10 website to book the room.