Easter is at the heart of the Christian faith and at the heart of Easter is the cross. It’s for this reason that the cross has been the main symbol of Jesus and the communities who follow him for centuries. People here in the UK are used to understanding the cross as a kind of ‘Christianity badge.’ But long before this the cross was seen as what it was then, an instrument of execution, a sign of rule imposed through judicial killings. Not a pretty sight.

So what made it such a powerful symbol? Maybe it’s because it shows us just what we human creatures are capable of. We murder the Son of God, or if you’re not happy with that description, at least one of the loveliest men who has ever lived. This was our response to him after he did nothing but heal, love, bring wisdom, truth and goodness to people during his life and especially the three years on the road that led to his death.

Yet God declares that he’s showing his astonishing love for us in this life and death. In enduring the worst evil we do to each other and the sin that causes it, he somehow absorbs it into himself. If this is God really doing something then it’s not going to end there. It doesn’t and Jesus’ resurrection proves it once and for all as the story goes on.

These mind-blowing Easter events show us how God’s loving presence can touch our lives. His cross-story can become part of the stories of ordinary people. Jesus himself said that his death was ‘for’ people, something which the Bible unpacks in more detail. We’re collecting stories of Christians in Portswood church who share how what Jesus did for us through those Easter events has changed our lives. We’ve come to see that He’s nailed it for us. Find out how that’s happened and what it means in the life-stories here. 

Happy Easter.

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