So it happened! We had a great big party together again this year, it was great to see people of all ages dancing (we even had a baby that must have been only a few month’s old dancing!), chatting and having fun together!

Threepennybit were great as ever. They even did musical chairs again which is always a popular favourite at Portswood! We did a new dance this year which I hadn’t seen before, “the penguin dance” or something like that which includes having to huddle together (like penguins) as part of the dance to “stay warm in the winter”.

The biggest surprise was definitely having the St Andrew’s bagpipes perform for us during the interval! I was expecting one or two people to turn up with bagpipes... I didn’t expect a whole 7-piece band all dressed up, it was great, a real treat!

I enjoyed helping to organise it with “3d”, the church’s 20-30s group, whether it was selling tickets, hanging up bunting, blowing up huge balloons or tasting soup it was good fun doing it together.

I want to say thank you to all those who came and made the evening lots of fun and thanks to all those who helped us organise the event too!