No matter how we feel about this or any other year, as Christians we’re able to be people of hope, and that is certainly something that’s needed as we go into this year ahead. That’s why our Bible teaching series in January will be all about hope.

Over the four weeks we’ll be learning together about how we can trust God for the future based on the truth of his character, his word, and his unshakeable purpose. We’ll also be exploring how hope comes into our experience, as ‘heaven’ spills into our lives so we can overflow with hope to others.

Each Sunday we plan to make ‘extra helpings’ available to take away and use in your own time with the LORD over the week, and will make up the core of our learning together in house groups. If you’re not used to reading the Bible on your own, why not use this material to get started?


Hope Study Guide 1
Hope Study Guide 2
Hope Study Guide 3