Sim de Roemer
Sim de Roemer 2023


THE UNEXPECTED KING 10th April, 10am
During this encounter service we’ll be reflecting on the expectation of those who welcomed Jesus as their King in contrast to Jesus’ understanding of what God as king means.

Good Friday — the suffering king —15th April 2022, 10.30am
we are going to gather in various ways on Southampton Common to thank God for Good Friday. it is aimed to welcome all in the family; there will be specific activities for the children but overall it will be focused on coming together to thank God for all he has done for us.

Good Friday — the suffering king —15th April 2022, 8pm
A time of reflection in the shadow of the cross, using scripture, prayer, silence and music.

Easter sunday — the victorious king —17th April 2022, 10am
A time of celebration together for our risen king!