Last weekend communities all around the country came together in celebration of the Queen’s 90th birthday. As well as members of Portswood church joining in with local street parties, we thought that a church fun day would be a great way to celebrate with our wider community. 

The church forecourt was brought alive with a whole range of people from the church, visitors who are part of our weekly community activities and their families, as well as passersby, sharing together in the fun and welcoming atmosphere. People could sit and chat while enjoying a traditional cream tea served by our lovely refreshments team on fancy cake stands, and there were dozens of kids showing off their fabulous painted faces, getting competitive on the traditional fairground games and buzzing with excitement on the bouncy castle! 

Our Quiz surprised some people with the fascinating facts they didn’t know about the Queen! And a display invited people to share the things they appreciate most about the Queen, what they might say to encourage her and their prayers for her as she carries out her role.  

People could take away a booklet ‘The Servant Queen and the King She Serves’ in which the Queen describes how her faith in God, his steadfast love and faithfulness has always been her source of strength and stability through the many challenges of life as monarch. She also shares her perspective on leadership, which is focussed on serving the people and ultimately God. 

This points to the ‘King of Kings’ Jesus, who said that he’d come not to be served but to serve and give his life as a ransom for others. Following Jesus is about accepting his self sacrificial love and passing it on to others.

The fun day gave us an opportunity, in a simple way, to do this and it was exciting to see everyone pulling together with great enthusiasm to make the day work really well, from the people looking out for team members and checking they had a cup of tea to those patiently helping children making their paper crowns and bunting crafts.