In the autumn we'll be running another 24x7 prayer room at Portswood Church.

Between now and then we want to explore ways of helping one another to deepen our experience of prayer - especially as we learn to "tune in" to hearing God's voice.

To get the ball rolling here are some ideas to consider as you pack your bags this summer. Try something new - your choice of a light snack or a hearty meal!

We also have another list of books on prayer for children!

Prayer – by Tim Keller

A very good book on many aspects of prayer including both the theoretical and practical. Keller suggests that prayer is both a conversation and an encounter with God and that it is the main way in which we experience deep change. He writes from a struggling experience and a widely read knowledge.
Light meal!

Prayer  by Tim Keller

Red Moon Rising – by Pete Greig and Dave Roberts

If you struggle with prayer and want to see how it can connect with God's mission all around the world; if you want to be inspired by what God has done using prayer, this is the book for you. I hope that it will raise your eyes above the challenges and difficulties of the ruts we find ourselves in and give you a glimpse of what it should be all about.
It feels like a banquet but doesn't give you indigestion - and sooo moreish!

Red Moon Rising  by Pete Greig and Dave Roberts

A Praying Life – by Paul E Miller

An honest look at why we often struggle with prayer and takes us back to praying as Jesus taught us to - as a child talks to his or her Father. It encourages us to see prayer in the context of the bigger picture of God's story for our lives and the world, and gives some practical ideas on how to pray. Easy to read and full of examples and stories from the author's own life.
A satisfying lunch!

A Praying Life  by Paul E Miller

The Practice of the Presence of God – by Brother Lawrence

A 17th century classic! Very useful for those who might think that prayer and work are hard to bring together - Brother Lawrence finds intimacy, encouragement and growth as he finds alternative times and ways to pray.
Find a modern translation to avoid too much indigestion!

The Practice of the Presence of God  by Brother Lawrence

Hearing God – by Dallas Willard

An invitation to explore how we might develop a conversational relationship with God. Hearing God is but one dimension of a richly interactive relationship, and obtaining guidance is but one facet of hearing God. Excellent explorations of the role of scripture and how this relates to the Word of God. The final chapter is particularly practical - don't miss it!
A very substantial meal – plenty here to chew on – very satisfying.

Hearing God  by Dallas Willard

God on Mute – by Pete Greig

An excellent guide through the journey of unanswered prayer. Once you've read the book you'll look back and see how he covered off the issues systematically but made it look like a meandering wander through the desert. The illustrations by Linnea Spransy are also really helpful.
Another banquet that doesn't give you indigestion.

God on Mute  by Pete Greig

Listening to God – by Joyce Huggett

Part autobiography this is another book that explores contemplative prayer from an evangelical perspective. Full of practical guidance and advice for anyone seeking a new dimension of prayer, this has become something of a modern classic.
Plenty to snack on with some real delights to be found in places.

Listening to God  by Joyce Huggett

Deeper – by Stefan Smart

Creative approaches to prayer based on Stefan's own journey from a traditional charismatic/evangelical experience of prayer into the more contemplative traditions It is a practical book with suggested "exercises" at the end of each chapter. Perhaps it's an approach that isn't always easy to get hold of - until it gets hold of you – but it's well worth giving it a go.
Perhaps an acquired taste - something to snack on - and keep snacking!

Deeper  by Stefan Smart