Message from Mel Bray, "I was thinking about how hard all the nurses and doctors are working and particularly those working in intensive care. I’m aware they are on their knees and really wanted to do something for them.

They constantly care for peoples bodies and so I wanted to give them something that would be kind to theirs. I found a cream called ‘working hands’ (love the name!) and thought we could send some to them with a card for each to impart that we are behind them as a community, that we are holding them (literally if we could) in our thoughts and in our prayers and appreciate everything they are doing. We wanted to let them know that we are staying at home, washing our hands and making space but wanted them to know we are with them. The cream cost £5 each so you can donate for one or part or 2,3 or 4 as many or few as you want."

There is an option to either hand write your own cards of thanks and send to the Church office - Portswood Church, Portswood Road, Southampton, SO17 2FY to then be delivered on to ICU or you can let us know the text you would like to be written in a card and we can do this for you by emailing:

As there is a small charge for donating this way so Portswood Church will make up the difference of these charges to make sure that every penny you donate goes towards the hand cream etc.

Please can you do this by 20th February so that Mel can order the hand cream and get them to the hospital ASAP.  See the link below for the easiest way to donate by debit/credit card or paypal.  However, if you would prefer you can post a donation to the church marked 'Doctors & Nurses'.