Gez Perry
Gez Perry


How can we avoid being foolish or unwise? Perhaps that's a question we've not really thought much about before. What help is there when we face big decisions or just want to live in a way that is right and just and fair? Life can be so complicated and the choices we make are often far from straightforward. So, where do we go for advice and where can we look for help?  

If we're asking these kinds of questions, it shows that we're at least aware of the need for wisdom. Even though sometimes we might feel like throwing caution to the wind and behaving in a wild or reckless way, at other times we're very aware of our responsibilities. When we realise that decisions have consequences, both for us and for others, then we might struggle with anxiety or feel under pressure.  

Learning from experience, whether that's our own or other people's, is a good place to start in our pursuit of wisdom.   In the book of Proverbs we have the contrast clearly drawn between wisdom and foolishness, but it's a challenging read. Wisdom can be found in sayings and instructions that have stood the test of time and have been passed down from generation to generation. There's a difference though between knowing what a proverb says and seeing how to put it into practice, that's where wisdom and understanding also come into it. What we do with a particular proverb is not necessarily obvious, it may depend on the situation, it will certainly require some thought and reflection and perhaps discussion with others. Wanting to live in wise rather than foolish ways is the start of a journey, one that we don't have to undertake on our own.  

There are a great number of proverbs, many of them translated from other cultures and languages. We can think of proverbs that we learnt at a young age and wonder if they have much influence on the lives we live and the decisions we make. If we ever feel a lack of wisdom, and all of us probably do at one time or another, then we are not without help.   

We have the opportunity this autumn to consider the book of Proverbs and to investigate how it fits together. If we feel the need for wisdom and if we're willing to acknowledge the sometimes overwhelming complexities of life, then there is much to be gained by engaging with this ancient collection of sayings and instructions. We shouldn't expect simplistic answers to difficult questions but a clearer understanding of God's purposes and the way things work in his Kingdom. Wisdom is fundamental to living well in this world and a precious and practical gift for all who possess it.


Gez Perry

Teaching & Discipleship Pastor