We really enjoyed being on the ‘The parenting children course’ that was recently run at Portswood Church. The course ran over five weeks and was aimed at parents of children up to ten years old. It was really well put together, we worked through a workbook but there were also some video clips, times to share, times to ask questions as well as times listening to our leaders.

The topics that the course covered were:
1. Building strong Foundations 
2. Meeting our Children’s Needs
3. Setting Boundaries
4. Teaching Healthy Relationships
5. Our Long-Term Aim 

I loved the second session: Meeting our Children’s Needs, I learnt about the ‘five languages of love’ which was new to me, it helped me understand which languages to express my love for my husband and children. I was surprised to learn that we all have different ways that we want to be loved. In the fifth session called “Our Long-Term aims”, It was great to be given direction on how to educate my children about sex and helping them make good choices.

I found the sharing of the parents in the videos really helpful too. Knowing that these parents are Christians and that some of them have or had similar struggles to me was refreshing. In our busy lives we don’t always get to discuss issues with other Christian parents and sometimes you can feel as if you are the only one doing a bad job!

I really recommend the course, we learnt lots of new things and were equipped with valuable knowledge and skills, it also confirmed we were on the right track in some areas of our parenting and showed us areas we can work on too.