17,000 islands, 3,200 miles east to west, 250 million people, with a Muslim majority of around 80%: that's Indonesia, in South East Asia, where a team from church are heading for two weeks in  June. Zooming in a little, the destination is the island of Kalimantan, the third largest island in the world. We will be travelling first to Central Kalimantan, flying over vast expanses of tropical rainforest before the trees give way to the first city where we will be landing and working. After that time we will move on to two further cities, ending our time in Southern Kalimantan.

The team - Dan, Jo, Sandra, Peter, Steph, Mic, Emily and Biddy - are going to be working on three different projects. The majority of the time will be spent running two identical 'refreshment gatherings' in different locations for church pastors and leaders. This is in partnership with a large church denomination and is something completely new for them. We believe it to be a very significant opportunity and are excited about what could begin to open up in the area of healthy church leadership as a result. There is so much we could tell you about the purpose and vision of these gatherings, so please do chat to anyone in the team to find out more. 

We will also be spending some time at a camp with Christian university students to encourage, support and equip them, before spending a day at the end of the trip helping out at an Intensive English Course for Bible College students.

We highly value people's prayers around this trip and the ongoing work in Indonesia. Please do pray, and keep an eye out for more specific prayer points which we will make available through prayer cards.

There is also an opportunity to support us financially as there are significant costs associated with travel for the team. We are grateful for your support so far through our cake and book sales. You can also donate online by following this link:

We are so thankful for your prayers, support and interest and look forward to continuing to share with you about the trip.