Our new series entitled "Unleashed! Words, works and wonders" starts this Sunday!  Join us as we travel through the early chapters of Acts together....

This week in our Sunday morning teaching we're moving from the early chapters of Matthew's gospel to the early chapters of Acts. Here we will discover how the task Jesus gives to the church - to us - is to continue "all that he began to do and teach". We are to be witnesses - to what he did then - and to what he is doing now. He knows we will need help - and so he tells the disciples that he sending someone - the Holy Spirit. He comes upon us in power to equip for this task he has given us.

From its very beginning the church has been gathered and scattered. In times of peace and order and in times of persecution and uncertainty. Both are important. When the church gets too comfortable God shakes things up - to awaken her to return to her first love (Rev 2:4-5) and, through this, become even more effective.

Peter Lambros