Prayer Room

Our prayer room is a resource we have made available as a space in which we can draw aside and simply focus on God - either alone or with others. The room has recently been "redecorated" around the theme of "Who am I - I'm a child of God".

In an attempt to faciltate more use of this space we will be providing "open access" to the prayer room each week for the next few months - every Wednesday from 7:00am to 3:00pm and every Thursday from 9:00am to 3:00pm. Although it would be possible simply to turn up we ask that you use our online booking system to reserve a specific slot ahead of time so that whoever is in the building to provide access will be expecting you (if you turn up at other times they may be elsewhere in the building or otherwise occupied and unable to answer the door immediately!).

Click on this link to access the online booking page.
(Note that you don't need to create a login in order to book a slot but if you do create one then you will be able to modify or delete your booking at a later time.)

For the security and safety of anyone working alone in the building we would ask that you are registered in the Portswood Church Prayer Directory so that the person giving you access can recognize you (from your photograph in the directory) when answering the door.

You will see from the booking page that we are also providing some "out of hours" slots when you will need to access the building on your own (other activities will not be running). Currently these times will be Wednesday from 3:00pm to 6:00pm and from 3:00pm on Thursday to 7:00pm on Friday. If you are using the room during these times then you will either need your own key or the code to the key safe by the rear door to the building (contact the Church Office to get the code for the key safe).

If you would like to access the room during times marked "unavailable" then please contact Peter Lambros ( - it might be possible to arrange this. We will try to increase the times the room is available for open access as and when we are able to provide the appropriate cover.

Please note that some weeks there might be slight variation to these times because of other activities taking place in the building. Always check the online booking tool for the available slots.

We hope this process will not be too burdensome and as always would appreciate your feedback (regarding either the process or the room itself). 

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